There has been lots of controversial information in the media recently, from prisoners performing dermal filler treatments, including lip fillers, to ensuring that your practitioner is a

ble to screen for mental health issues… I think it’s appalling t

hat a former prisoner with no medical experience at all was able to get her hands on dermal filler and actually complete this treatment. In the UK, the amount of paracetamol a customer can buy from a pharmacy is strictly regulated, so why not dermal fillers? Which have the potential to cause blindness if injected wrongly?

Now don’t get me wrong, even the best of us can make mistakes, but the crux of the matter lies in their background education and training in this medical cosmetic field. Have they gone to university to complete a medical degree? Have they had anatomy training? Have they had theory training in botox (anti-wrinkle injections) and dermal fillers? Have they had practical training in botox and dermal filler treatments? Have they had training in managing medical emergencies? Are they able to correctly administer Hyalase?

Wow! That’s a lot of checks, how can someone even know if all this is certain? And let’s be honest, this world is a scary place, and people can lie about such things, so how do we know for sure that someone qualified is treating us?

We can all take a deep breath; relax and calm down because the answer lies in the Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) group.  This is an organization in UK that has all medical registered aesthetic practitioners and their clinic details, ensuring that you KNOW you are choosing right.

Take a look for yourself at and give it a go, go ahead and search for Omega Derma in the box, that way, you can sleep easy, knowing that in this scary world, you are in safe hands with Omega Derma clinic