Lips Designs

Lips – Sooooo many styles !!

Lips come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fullness. One style may not suit all.

Whether you want luscious Kylie Jenner inspired lips or a more natural fullness; the choice is yours.

At Omega Derma, we have a few popular styles that the ladies are obsessing over!

Classic And Rubina

This is a more natural looking style. Perfect for those that want to restore or add a little volume. Usually 1ml syringe is sufficient for this look. It also forms the foundations to a buildable pout.


A strong emphasis on Cupids bow and upper vermillion border. Ideal for those that want an edgier more defined look


This one is all about the lower lip!
Accentuating the tear drops in the lower lip. Great to even out any shape and volume irregularities between the upper and lower lips.

This style compliments cupid very well by softening the entire look- as seen on Kim Kardashian.


For people like us, who are obsessed with Kylie Jenner. This look is about generous amount of filler-everywhere, to create a bolder look that compliments the face shape.